“Told” Theme Music

July 16, 2010

“Told” Theme Music

I was more than a little honored, recently, to receive an email from “This American Life” production manager, Seth Lind, asking if I would be interested in writing some original theme music for a live, story-telling TV pilot he was working on (kind of along the lines of The Moth). He had heard my version of “The Three of Us” (a This American Life original from one Ms. Starlee Kine) when it was on the podcast and had received my creepy stalker mail sent to TAL (a copy of “Cutting Ties” I sent in for them to play with my blessing) and liked my music. So, I cooped myself up in the studio for a few days and after a few different drafts came up with a suitable piece of instrumental music entitled One Last Heist (For Old Time’s Sake). You can hear said “suitable piece of music” in the trailer for the “Told” pilot below.

Please keep in mind that the whole project was a bit rushed and my final version didn’t make it Mr. Lind before the pilot was created, but there is a slightly less rough version that will accompany the final product when it makes it’s big debut.

Anyway, thanks to Seth for thinking of me and let us raise a glass and hope that “Told” is a runaway television success the likes of which we’ve never before imagined possible (I’m thinking The Simpsons & Leave It To Beaver status).

July 12, 2010


Woah, I’ve never heard WWP called “sadcore” before. Thanks to the delightful chaps over at adequacy.net for the kind write up.

“Washington, D.C. native Mike Boggs makes music everyone can enjoy. And he does it all by himself.

Wielding nothing more than a computer and a few microphones, Boggs, under the moniker We Were Pirates, constructs perfect pop gems, songs that blend together real instruments with blankets of electronic noise. And did I mention that he plays everything himself?

“Nervous,” a stand-out track from his 2007 EP The Wolf, is a beautiful tapestry of subdued guitar work and electronic percussion flourishes, on which Boggs’ ethereal voice dances wildly. “And as we watch the world below us start to fade/I know that everything will be OK,” he sings in the chorus, his voice both vulnerable and aching.

The song demonstrates one of We Were Pirates’ biggest strengths: the ability to create heartfelt, dramatic music out of familiar components. No one will ever accuse Boggs of breaking any musical barriers – his voice is a dead-ringer for Ben Gibbard’s, and his music veers remarkably close to the sadcore niche that Death Cab for Cutie has carved out for itself – but with songs this good, it doesn’t matter. “Nervous” is catchy, well-written and warm, labels made all the more impressive when one considers that every sound is crafted by Boggs himself. In other words, the future looks very, very bright for Mike Boggs, Death Cab be damned.

And did I mention that he plays every instrument himself? Even Ben Gibbard can’t do that.”