Geekdad Features the ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ Soundtrack…

April 20, 2013

Geekdad Features the ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ Soundtrack…

The original film score, now available online, can’t help but conjure images of boy Calvin romping through the woods with his tiger, or fighting evil space aliens as his alter ego Spaceman Spiff.” – Geekdad


Thanks to Geekdad for featuring the Dear Mr. Watterson film score! And….

Adventurous and cheeky during their ten year run, Calvin and Hobbes are the epitome of childhood exuberance and creativity. We Were Pirates embraces these sentiments and deliver a wonderful accompaniment to this classic comic strip tribute.” – Fuzzy Headphonez

“I absolutely love this score. It is a vivid tapestry of piano riffs, jazzy percussion, and delightful melodies that remind me of the first time I heard Vince Guaraldi’s score for Charlie Brown.”Deli Magazine

The soundtrack builds an intricate simplicity that matches the strip’s artwork and writing.” – Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie

“Much like Calvin and Hobbes, the [‘Dear Mr. Watterson’] soundtrack does an excellent job at capturing both a feeling of happy-go-lucky innocence while also adding a slight introspective undertone to the mix.”…Said the Pale Fox

Also thanks to Hometown Sounds! And thanks to JayeL Audio for the shout out about The Real World: Portland playing ‘Little Consolation.’

April 9, 2013

Dear Mr. Watterson (Original Film Score) Available Now Online!


We Were Pirates Dear Mr. Watterson Film Score

Hi friends,

Good news! The soundtrack for the film I’ve been working on  came out today. The movie is called “Dear Mr. Watterson” and it is a documentary about the cultural impact of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”, and its creator, Bill Watterson.

You can pick up a copy of the original film score on iTunes, Amazon mp3, or Bandcamp.

I’ve been working on the music on and off since Summer of 2012 and I’m really proud of how everything turned out. The soundtrack includes 14 original, instrumental songs from the film and I threw in 3 bonus tracks: an alternate version of one of the songs and a vocal and instrumental version of “Don’t Forget”. Which is an old We Were Pirates song from “Cutting Ties” that also plays in the movie.

The film itself has its festival premiere tonight at Cleveland Film Festival and is already getting great reviews. I got a chance to see it at the L.A. premiere a few weeks ago. I realize I’m not exactly unbiased, but, I loved it. I think they did an amazing job capturing what makes Calvin & Hobbes continue to have such an impact. As a big fan of the strip, it was a real honor to have been able to contribute the music for the film. I’ll keep you posted on festival showings and when the DVDs becomes available to the public. In the meantime, enjoy the soundtrack!


-Mike Boggs

April 3, 2013

Little Consolation on The Real World: Portland

MTV played ‘Little Consolation’ tonight on The Real World: Portland and they’re putting up a free download on their website for the next week.

If you’re late to the game, and missed the free download, you can still snag it on iTunes or Amazon MP3….or stream it on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Cheers!


House Show in Alexandria on Friday…

We’re playing a stripped down acoustic set this Friday night at The Empty House Studio in Alexandria, VA with Lowland Hum. Gabe’s and his wife had a kid a few weeks ago (congratulate him by buying him a whiskey next time you see him….Gabe, that is. Don’t buy whiskey for a baby), so he’ll be sitting this one out. I’ll be playing me acoustic, Kate will be on cello, and Pat will be playing a stripped down kit. More info here.