We’re Playing a Rock-N-Romp Set in DC on Saturday!

July 31, 2013

We’re Playing a Rock-N-Romp Set in DC on Saturday!

We Were Pirates DC Band Rock-n-Romp

Within the past year, everybody I know has started having kids (including sometimes WWP guitarist Gabe Fry. Shouts out to Ambrose!). This is not hyperbole. Everyone. So, if I know you, you have kids now. That’s just how this works. I don’t really understand it myself, but I think it has something to do with science.

Anyway, this is great timing, because Rock-n-Romp DC recently started back up after some time off and we’re playing their next show. It’ll be this Saturday at the DC Meet Market with Your Pal Pete. Pete starts at noon and we play at 2pm. We’ve played a couple of RnR shows in the past and they’ve always been a blast. So, come hang out and bring that happy family of yours!



July 19, 2013

Dear Mr. Watterson in Theaters November 15!

Good news! Dear Mr. Watterson was picked up for distribution and will be in theaters on November 15! And Paste Magazine was kind enough to give the film score a shout-out in their article about the release.