‘Settle Down’ in Rapture-Palooza….

June 10, 2013

‘Settle Down’ in Rapture-Palooza….

We Were Pirates Settle Down in Rapture-palooza

Hi friends,

A new movie opened this weekend called Rapture-Palooza and they play ‘Settle Down’ in a scene where Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley are bowling. So that’s cool. Some of my favorite hilarious people are in it. Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Ken Jeong, Rob Huebel…

Anyway, it’s about the rapture and it’s in some theaters and on iTunes on demand. So, go watch an adult Sam Weir make out with Anna Kendrick while Settle Down serenades them ever so sweetly.

Oh and you can get ‘Settle Down’ on iTunes or Bandcamp. Or order ‘Cutting Ties‘ (the record it’s on) here.



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