We Were Pirates is the musical brainchild of Mike Boggs, a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records songs in his home studio in the DC area. Boggs has released three albums, two EPs, and a film score for ‘Dear Mr. Watterson.’

Boggs’ 2009 debut album, Cutting Ties, features a version of ‘The Three of Us,’ a cover song that Boggs recorded which was featured on the public radio show, This American Life. Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune rock critic and co-host of Sound Opinions described the cover as, “Pure pop.” And said, “This should be the next Fountains of Wayne single; genius.”

Wired magazine featured We Were Pirates following the release of the second album, Change. The feature said, “You heard this band’s public radio-friendly pop on This American Life…So don’t miss ‘Better Off Without You’ from the new album. Catchy synths will have your crew dancing a jig.”

In 2013, Boggs wrote and recorded an original film score for ‘Dear Mr. Watterson.’ The film is a documentary about the impact of the comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes. This American Life featured We Were Pirates again, when they played ‘A Strange Experience’ from the film score on Episode 512. We Were Pirates performed songs from ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ live at screenings of the film.

On 2016’s Matter, Boggs explores a mellow, electronic aesthetic. Following the release, NPR’s Morning Edition interviewed Boggs and We Were Pirates bassist, Kate Rears Burgman. The band also played a string of live shows, including one at The Kennedy Center in DC.

We Were Pirates started out 2019 by releasing a new EP that finds Boggs returning to a more organic sound. Gone features five new songs about the pursuit of love, pain, and peace of mind. TW Walsh (Pedro the Lion) mastered the album.

We Were Pirates live shows feature Burgman on bass, Pat Frank on drums, and Scott Greenberg playing guitar.



“So excited about [Matter]. Definitely going to be one of the highlight releases of 2016.”

– Hometown Sounds Podcast

“The original [‘Dear Mr. Watterson’] film score, now available online, can’€™t help but conjure images of boy Calvin romping through the woods with his tiger, or fighting evil space aliens as his alter ego Spaceman Spiff.”

– Geekdad

“You heard this band’s public radio-friendly pop on This American Life and you heard its tracks on MTV’s: The Real World: DC. So don’t miss ‘Better Off Without You’ from the new album. Catchy synths will have your crew dancing a jig.”

– Wired Magazine (March 2012 Issue)

“‘Nervous,’ the third track from The Wolf, draws the listener in while Boggs emotes in a hushed tone through an entrancingly melodic, electronic soundscape. The song conveys an honesty that makes it feel epic, despite its soft simplicity.”

– NPR’s Second Stage

“Pure pop. This should be the next Fountains of Wayne single. genius. Gets me every time.”

– Greg Kot, co-host of Sound Opinions and rock critic for Chicago Tribune

“I absolutely love this [‘Dear Mr. Watterson’] score. It is a vivid tapestry of piano riffs, jazzy percussion, and delightful melodies that remind me of the first time I heard Vince Guaraldi’s score for Charlie Brown.”

– Deli Magazine

“Much like Calvin and Hobbes, the [‘Dear Mr. Watterson’] soundtrack does an excellent job at capturing both a feeling of happy-go-lucky innocence while also adding a slight introspective undertone to the mix.”

-…Said the Pale Fox

“Boggs’€™ carefully crafted songs are brimming with charming melodies and soft vocals that are, above all, undeniably catchy.”

– Washington City Paper

“We Were Pirates is quite possibly my newest favorite DC area artist, bringing you indie folk pop with a serious dose of cute.”

– The Glorious Hum

“Writing a pop song (a really great one)” is a daunting task. And to not only come up with one, but many, and play every instrument on each, well, not just anyone can do it. So hats off to Mike Boggs. The DC area musician works under the moniker We Were Pirates, melting vintage rock and€™ roll nuggets into the ore of his indie pop, while posing a triple threat on guitar, keys and drums.”

– Ourstage Blog



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