New Year.....New Studio.....New Blog......New Album

as you may or may not have noticed, 2008 has come and gone. it was an odd year for we were pirates as much of the year was spent not working on new music as much as working on a new home studio. the studio is finally finished and i have started working on a new record. there are a bunch of new demos and it'll take a while to track, mix, and master them, but i'm hoping to have it done by this spring/summer. here are a couple of before and after shots of the new studio. these shots were taken before we moved in and it was tough to be optimistic about the project. fortunately, it all turned out a bit better than i hoped.



i also just created a blog for keeping everyone apprised of the goings-on and such with the new record. i've known far too many people who created a blog; regularly posted for a couple weeks (or days) and then let it sit there collecting dust to really expect that i myself or others will get excited about a new blog....but we'll see how it goes.

ps - Many thanks to Lisa for taking the photos.