We Were Pirates on Local NPR Station, WAMU

Why is there a photo of Kojo Nnamdi in the WAMU studio in this blog post? Because Gabe and I were very graciously invited by our local NPR station, WAMU (88.5 fm in DC) to come down to the station and record an interview/live performance for Metro Connection.....and.....we kind of both forgot to bring cameras. And since we are both technological cavemen, neither of us even have camera phones. So, this photo of Kojo in the studio will have to do.

Anyway, the whole thing was a blast and host David Furst couldn't have been cooler. He was ill at the time and couldn't make it into the studio, so we got to experience the crazy magic of radio. It went a little something like this:

Mr. F called into the WAMU studio from his home studio to do the interview. With a little help from Andrew the Engineer, the whole thing was completely seamless.

I have been listening to Metro Connection every Friday for a long while and I'm a big fan, so it was great to be able to go be a part of the show.

Highlight? Getting to hear Andrew the Engineer's telephone exchange with legendary Washington DC meteorologist Bob Ryan. Yes....We are nerds.

If you live in DC, tune your dial to 88.5 on Friday at 1pm and listen to Metro Connection. If you're not in DC or you miss it, MC has a podcast you can download here.